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Temporal Affairs: Resources & Recommendations for Political & Legal Activism / Analysis, News-Media, Reporting & Journalism.

Politics & Activism

MAGA Beast Unchained (from Left / Right dialectics)

Clarifying Statements:  I'm not a 'political guy.'  Anyone who has been following my channel over the years knows this.  However, I do think (after years of reservation) that there has been a Divine Hand behind the formulation of the MAGA movement – despite whatever flaws it may have – in gathering a "New Israel" ; one that is still pretty rough around the edges. Regardless, I am thankful for the gift and we'll just have to see where it goes.  You can feel free to disagree, but until something drastic changes I will continue to support it to whatever degree seems appropriate, according to my ever-changing state in life.

My primary focus is always upon the Spiritual before the Temporal. I highly endorse focusing on these matters first. However, I do believe that you cannot treat the latter like a Gnostic Pharisee who believes it is 'intrinsically evil' and therefore they are 'above' such things.  I care not if you don't participate in such affairs, but I do care, however, if you criticize those that do participate while not lifting a finger yourself, as per Matthew 23:4.  


Regardless, I view political systems as an earthly vehicle that you can spend as much or little time in as you'd like. I personally have never wanted to spend time in them to be quite honest. However, when it becomes a matter of conscience and moral obligation, I'll reluctantly hop in if it seems like the right thing to do, in spite of any Gnostic Pharisee naysayers.  I.e. I'm not going to apologize for riding on the MAGA Beast train because, whatever the outcome, I believe it's a matter of conscience; it's not simply "trusting in men." While I understand the sentiment, it is also an oft weaponized straw-man accusation frequently accompanied by virtue-signaling, and usually coming from those who have no clear solution themselves and just say broad, ambiguous things about simply "living a Christian life" with little substance to accompany it.

I also believe that some people are created to be more inclined towards activism, politics and/or media as a primary mover and shaker. I am certainly not one of them. However, I don't have a problem supporting those that are, because it is necessary and brave work, which puts people in some of the most tempting of situations which requires great strength and fortitude. That is the point of this section's content. 


A final caveat, I don't endorse everything about these individuals or groups. This should go without saying, but unfortunately the 'naysayers' will always look for specks and make them logs { Matthew 7:3 } and not measure the same standards of judgement when they criticize { Matthew 7:2 }.  I do believe, however, that, on the whole, until these recommended folks commit an unrepented 'mortal sin' (subjectively judging), they are performing a greater good despite any flaws of which we all have many.

Political & Legal Activists I Support / Recommend 


Steve Bannon's War Room : Excellent current events analysis on politics and legal battles in the MAGA movement.  His show connects you with a wide variety of people ranging from politicians, reporters, activists, media, lawyers and religious leaders.  Though I'd personally prefer, perhaps, a prayer to begin shows (considering his Catholic background), less faith in Constitutions Alone, and less "hang on" moments interrupting his guests, I'll forgive the imperfections (again, according to my personal preferences), and be thankful that he gives out excellent information and tries very hard to stick to the facts despite the easy temptations to do otherwise.


One of the most useful things about the show is that you learn what 'movers and shakers' you can seek to put pressure on & boycott, or thank & support.  Usually there's a show 10AM-12PM EST and later around 5PM EST. I do wish the archives were better organized and ended shows were accessible sooner.

 Project Veritas :  James O'Keefe may be a bit of a smug bastard, and you may or may not love his tactics, but he's the kind of smug bastard you want on your side.  He tirelessly works to expose fraudulent media.  Some exposés are more venial & minor, or hit & miss, but some are mic-drop game-changers like when he caught a prominent PBS rep saying some rather damning statements.

Rudy GulianiLots of unwarranted hate thrown at this man. Who knew that a short, 70+, runny hair-dyed ex-mayor could be such a threat to American according to the 'not-my-president' Biden administration? Though I certainly don't love the Thomas Paine reference, and perhaps some Americanist tendencies (of which I'll forgive), Rudy's Common Sense is a very useful and informative program for legal updates and, well… what the title of the show suggests.  

Ali Alexander : Mr. Alexander recently converted to Roman Catholicism (because of Fatima) and is now pegged as a terrorist-insurrectionist for beginning the StopTheSteal movement.  Though the movement wasn't a success in the City of Man's eyes, he certainly has my respect.  Since he's been de-platformed from just about everything, his website may be a bit crude at the moment.

Scott PreslerA great source for those looking to take political action but aren't always quite sure what to do.

Jack Posobiec : A Catholic with a Navy intelligence background who works at One America News. However, he only appears to have a Twitter & Instagram account at the moment, and who knows how long those will last.

#WalkAway : Of course the Left has no problem persecuting homosexuals when they "Walk Away" from their own party and join the MAGA train ; Brandon Straka was arrested for the Jan. 6th "insurrection" and was apparently turned over to the police by his own family! 1984 style…

Pro-Life Activism 

Lila Rose : A Pro-Life activist.

LifeSite News : So much hate is thrown at such an upright and respectful organization. (yes I'm aware of E. Michael Jones' criticisms of their "Judaizing")


News Media Outlets

Independent Media & Reporting

Epoch Times : I remember seeing ads for this newspaper back during the latter parts of the 2016 Trump vs. Hillary campaigns. I just kind of brushed it aside like I did Donald Trump ('the man') as perhaps another 'Cuckservative' system disguised as 'Independent'.  Like Trump and the MAGA movement, they proved themselves to me over the last year, and now I am thankful for them.

I am a trial subscriber ($1 for 3 months) and will be continue to support them by allowing a renewal at $77 per year. They are well worth supporting and highly recommend you do.  You also get personal video analysis for free from its top employees: Joshua Powell's Crossroads and Roman Balmakov's Facts Matter.

One America News Network OANN : A news network that has been generally reliable though I'm more of an Epoch Times guy (just personal taste).

New Tang Dynasty NTD : A news network that has been generally reliable though I'm more of an Epoch Times guy (just personal taste).

Beyond the Noise David Zhang : A reporter who has good reporting.

Eye Opener Michael Lewis : A reporter who has good reporting.

Wide Angle Brendon Fallon : A reporter who has good reporting. Sometimes has a few odd-ball moments (don't we all though).

Newsmax TV :  Though I have had some reservations here and there in regards to Newsmax over the last few months, I haven't seen any 'mortal sins' that would stop me from listening on occasion. [UPDATE: Newsmax recently committed a few 'mortal sins' in my opinion, so I'm not recommending them until further notice]

Catholic Media & Reporting

The Remnant Newspaper Michael Matt : For some odd reason I don't watch Michael Matt often, yet find myself agreeing with him wholeheartedly on many issues, including his closing statements on the Trumpster's 'official' presidency.

Church Militant Michael Voris : Love him or hate him, Michael Voris is one bold dude whom I respect despite his anti-SSPX hang-ups.  I've been grateful for their 8AM EST M-F live Rosary prayers on their YouTube stream.  You can find this stream right on the front page of their website around that time.

The Michael Knowles Show Michael Knowles : Though I find Ben Shapiro very 'hit or miss,' Michael Knowles does a good job of 'keepin' it real' and has a good exoteric take with some funny dry / sarcastic humor to go with it.

LifeSite News John-Henry Weston : Aside from Pro-Life activism, LifeSite News also does a lot of reporting from the Catholic perspective.

Miscellaneous :  See this list for additional Catholic resources.


Boycotts vs. Backing 

Who to Decry? Who to Fortify?

Clarifying Statements:  Anyone's own finances are their own business ; I can't tell anyone what to do with their money. This section is simply my own ideas and suggestions on these matters; to share some of my own personal decisions  on who to support and who not to support.

If AOC makes 'lists' and the enemy chooses people and organizations to 'cancel,' then perhaps we should take a page out of their playbook for the opposite reasons. This section is a work in progress, as I do more research and gain more information, but I'll share what I've got so far and you can take it for what you will.

Boycotting Strategies

As far as boycotts go, I have a simple, two-fold way of approaching it:


1) Pick a company / organization to boycott.  

2) Contact them and tell them why.  


Whether or not you choose to be dramatic or not in your message  is up to you.  I prefer to make them feel at least moderately ashamed for their support of the BLM types or 'cancel culture' and emphasize that I will be encouraging others not to support them.  I let them know that I will not be buying their products for an indefinite amount of time until they 'repent' and change their ways. However, I do extend a hand and tell them that if they change their policies and make public restitution, I will buy from them again. The details will obviously vary depending upon the situation.

Boycotting can get overwhelming. You cannot stop supporting ALL 'system' companies lest you have no where to shop. Just picking at least one place that you frequent or have frequented is much more realistic. E.g. out of Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, etc. you can pick one to refrain from.  You also needn't avoid them forever, but I think around 3-4 months minimum for places you frequent often vs. 1 year minimum for places you shop at with moderate frequency.


I do think co-ordinating boycotts would be much more effective. Maybe in the future that can be organized better. I'm going to reach out to some larger groups that have more reach than I and see what I can come up with. For now I'll leave it at that ; stay tuned…

Who and What to Boycott?

Sports & Entertainment : I think boycotting sports and entertainment are far more beneficial practices, as it frees up time, money and your soul. Cancelling Netflix, Cable, Apple TV, along with giving up video games + subscriptions, etc.  Boycott NCAA, NFL, NBA and any 'woke' sports ; tell them you won't be watching until they denounce their 'social justice' nonsense, or if they endorse transgender athlete nonsense, etc.


I don't watch sports anymore, cancelled my Netflix along time ago, quit buying and playing video games etc. It is very rare that I purchase anything from the "entertainment beast" at all. I haven't had any form of Cable TV in over a decade.

IMO look to put the money towards your own health and fitness and for supporting other companies / individuals with integrity that need it.

• Propaganda Outlets : Cancel online subscriptions to NY Times, etc. Write local newspapers who run Leftist propaganda and tell them you aren't going to support them until they stop, etc.

• Local Organizations & Businesses : When it comes to small businesses and local Churches, I think it's more prudent to explain that you don't want to be boycotting them, but you can't, in good conscience, support them until they drop Leftist rhetoric and/or hostility to "Conservatives" (I don't love using that word, but it gets the point across). Any more 'dramatic' rhetoric I think is better reserved for large corporate entities or organizations.

• Corporations, Banks, etc. : This comes down to your personal situation. I think it's more prudent to 'cancel' the ones who 'cancel' others. Again, I think just picking one or two businesses you frequent is realistic than trying to run away from them all. E.g. I recently picked Bed Bath & beyond because of their rejection of the My Pillow guy.

• China : Boycott Chinese goods if possible (almost impossible to avoid though).

Who and What to Support?

I'll just list some organizations and individuals that I have supported by monetary means. I'll add more as time goes on and when I do more research.

• Churches : Only ones that are resisting Marxist B.S. Preferably Latin Mass.

Epoch Times : $1 for 3 months, then $77 for the year.

Project Veritas : I've donated several times.

Ali Alexander : I donated several times (during Stop the Steal).

Church Militant : I have donated several times to them, but they have subscription plans as well. They will even offer to have a phone conversation to listen to feedback and tell you upcoming plans and events.

StartMail : I've been using StartMail for email for several years now. I t has always been reliable and they are good with customer service. It's about $60 per year and you can usually find a coupon with a hefty discount for the first year.

• Legal Battles : Help out defending unlawfully prosecuted people. I personally donated for Trump's legal battles, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc.  Don't think about if it will be successful or not, think about if it's the right thing to do.

• General Support : I'd highly suggest supporting lay Christian Apostolates and promoters that are holding their ground against the NWO Abyss and especially if they are supporting families.  Buying books, audio, subscriptions, etc. are good, but try to buy direct if possible and avoid Amazon, etc.

Also buy from and support "MAGA Conservatives" and their businesses.  Yeah I get sick of hearing the My Pillow commercials on Bannon's War Room, but give the guy some love if you need blankets, towels or pillows ; they've been trying to crucify him and his business.

• Alternative Social Media : I know it's a huge pain to get off Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. for most (unless they kick you off). I'm not necessarily one of those people who takes a black & white view on it, but I think supporting platforms like Brighteon, Parler (if it comes back), Gab, Clouthub, etc. is a worthy cause.  I'll add more here in the future as things develop.  


I'm obviously more attached to YouTube than anything else, as I stopped using Facebook long ago, and never liked / de-activated Twitter.

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Video Summaries

Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequitiam et insídias diabólica estou præsídium.  Ímperet ílio Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps militiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde.  Ámen.