Where people hopefully say nice things about me.

A Student's Prayer : St. Thomas Aquinas - Creator of all things, true source of Light and Wisdom, lofty source of all Being, graciously let a ray of Your Brilliance penetrate into the darkness of my understanding and take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, sin and ignorance.  Give me a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.  Grand me the talent of being exact in my explanations, and the ability to epress myself with thoroughness and charm.  Point out the beginning, direct the progress, help in the completion. THROUGH CHRIST, OUR LORD, Amen. 

     "Michael was able to provide me with some insight on deep-seated issues that I had been working through for decades, but that had manifested quite powerfully in the last two or three years. His knowledge of the mechanics of astrology coupled with his passion for uncovering the truth offer an opportunity for anyone seeking a little light on their path. He has an easy, conversational style of presentation that anyone can follow, but the breadth of his understanding allows him to go as in-depth as you desire. I would recommend his services to anyone interested without exception or hesitation."

~ Andrew

     "Schism [Michael Joseph] does a perfect job doing astrology the right way, this is not the New Age woo woo sort divinatory fortune telling but simply observation and comprehension of the cyclical patterns of a macrocosmic reality. My personal take away from the reading was helping to understand the nature of a serious wound inflicted at the start of adulthood and how I can use to help heal and relate to others. While anyone can simply read charts and go by the books, the feedback and analysis provided is incredibly detailed while also being grounded and balanced. Recommended to anyone who wants a no-nonsense reading of their stars."

~ Michael  (What is Real on YouTube)

“It’s rare to find such a gifted astrologer and teacher who is so down to earth. I consulted Michael when I hit a wall interpreting my own chart and was worried about some upcoming transits. He gave me new insight into my circumstances and helpful suggestions about how to proceed. It was very encouraging! I trust him above others because he is genuinely caring and takes his time to ask questions and give a clear, thorough analysis.”

~ Jessica Jurs

“Michael Joseph's approach to astrology is one of the best. He incorporates the technical, archetypal, and personal sides of astrology and adds his knowledge history and symbolism both exoteric and esoteric. If you like his approach to research, you'll appreciate his approach to astrology as well. His readings are straightforward about the positive and negative placements or aspects in your natal chart and offers constructive interpretations. He avoids the pessimistic fatalism of ancient astrology, the willful convolution of occult astrology or the ego-coddling fluff of new age astrology, instead offering a viewpoint that acknowledges free will, personal responsibility and objective morals.”

~ LXS (Alexis)

"Michael is exceptional at his craft.  As a fellow student of the esoteric I am often naturally skeptical of how the many approach these topics.  My familiarity with Michael’s approach to research had alleviated these fears and with good reason.  We discussed my chart with me in a way that was both empowering and enlightening.  Unlike the popularly portrayed deterministic model of astrology, Michael presented me with obstacles and assets.  He was able to explain phases of my life with an eerie degree of accuracy and expose lessons I would have otherwise ignored.  This is truly an exceptional service that can help anyone from the seasoned seeker to those beginning on their path. I highly suggest you book your session with him today!"

~ Ross Cessna (The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast)

"Michael's reading was different than any other I've had. It was lengthy and detailed as others have been, but what I really liked about it was that it was more of a confirmation of my life path to this point than a prediction of the future. He showed me how everything that had happened made sense in a way that gave me the confidence to move forward into uncertain territory, knowing that courage, intuition and self awareness were what would guide the way."

~ Emily Moyer (OffPlanet Radio & Matrix Mash)

"I was absolutely blown away by Michael’s Astrology reading. I was a fan of his work after being introduced to one of his series on YouTube. It’s immediately apparent that the man knows his stuff. He addressed Astrology in a way that was new to me and I was SUPER excited to get his insight on my birth chart. There were things I knew that I suppressed, but seemed to be as clear as day in my chart that literally made my mouth drop. His approach to reading is welcoming and I felt comfortable the whole time. To be honest, I’m still reflecting on the reading and I cannot wait to find some time and sit down to rewatch the recorded session. (And how cool is that?? He records and sends the reading to you! So.Rad.)"

~ Nikki Popkow

"I did an astrological natal chart reading with Michael, and I can say it was quite the experience. It was my first astrology reading. Michael does a good job explaining the chart in laymen's terms. Natal charts can be quite in depth, and he the way Michael breaks it down for the laymen makes the astrology reading a much more rewarding experience. Michael also has lots of knowledge about history and does a nice job explaining how astrological aspects could have effected events in history. Overall a rewarding experience that I can recommend."

~ Wesley

"Michael offers a deep analysis of a person’s archetype.  It is refreshing to understand the co-mingling of subconscious self with the hidden patterns found in astrology.  Michael infuses each reading with a generous amount of history, humor and honesty. I enjoy discussing how his insights into astrology have a deep impact on my spiritual life. With Michael, astrology is a bridge between the spiritual and earthly realm."

~ Sophia A.