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A variety of sources for Catholic media, commentary, teaching, etc.

Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequitiam et insídias diabólica estou præsídium.  Ímperet ílio Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps militiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde.  Ámen.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. ~ Hosea 4:6

So get some knowledge here folks! And avoid the same fate as those ancient Israelites, or the infiltrators and influencers within the Post-Conciliar "Modernist" Church.  However, at the same time we don't want to become "Trad" Gnostic-elitists who refuse to touch any of the sinners "leprous" issues of which they struggle with, so always remember Paul's comments on Charity being greater than all earthly 'Gnosis' that you may receive. [see 1Corinthians 13]

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 Introductory Statements, Disclaimers & Caveats

I'll begin by stating that this entire page filled with numerous Catholic resources are ones that have been useful and valuable for me personally. Some have been more primary, others more secondary, and some more tertiary. Nonetheless, I think they all have merit, and some may be better suited than others for any given individual depending upon one's personality and/or predispositions, as to their receptivity to particular styles of teaching, reporting, lecturing or evangelization.


Some folks are more fiery or in-your-face about things, others are much more relaxed; along with all the different shades in between. Though certain styles and approaches to Catholic content may or may not be what I'm personally inclined to, I can nevertheless appreciate them and recommend them. That is the point of a Universal Church. There's a vast diversity of views, cultures, personalities and opinions, but with a unifying Faith and Morals as dogma. How those teachings are applied may vary in regards to mercy or severity. 


If the most important things that are fundamental to the Faith are being shared and held intact, and there is an effort to be charitable in the face of conflict and adversity (i.e. not being a 'Pharisee' about it), then you have my respect. On the flip-side, when leaning more towards the side of mercy and/or a focus on common ground, you have my respect as long as there is an effort to avoid watering things down to a Masonic-soup (i.e. not being a 'Sadducee' about it) in order to win popularity contests at the expense of honesty.

Having said that, the people and organizations I've recommended below don't always get along with each other. This is unfortunate, and sometimes there's a bit more 'beef' than I would prefer. I'm a pretty forgiving and understanding person, so I can look past a good amount of it, despite hopes and wishes that it were not that way.


E.g: Tim Gordon and Taylor Marshall used to be 'bros' but now don't seem to be; Tim Gordon now seems to be 'bros' with Michael Voris; E. Michael Jones has attacked Michael Voris; Tim Gordon has attacked E. Michael Jones; Michael Voris and Patrick Coffin have attacked the SSPX; Taylor Marshall has defended the SSPX; some call Charles Coulombe a Gnostic-Feeneyite-heretic, etc. etc. ; so it goes.


While these little tiffs are lamentable at times, they happen. I don't get overly worked up about them and I don't recommend you do either. It also doesn't stop me from appreciating the greater goods that they all do in my humble opinion. At the least, sometimes the 'beef' is mildly entertaining. I look at it like brothers in a family fighting. I never had a brother in my family to fight with, so perhaps that's why I don't find myself caught up in these types of battles. But you aren't here to listen to me psychoanalyze myself; so, moving on…

I, of course, don't agree with every single thing that every single person or group on this list says. That's an obvious disclaimer that probably shouldn't need to be mentioned, but just in case, there it is. Hopefully you will find this list useful. I'm sure there are many respectable others whom I haven't come across or forgot to include, but this list took long enough to compile as it is.

Lastly, for what it's worth, I'll give my personal thoughts and sentiments to express where I'm at in relationship to issues with Vatican II and Pope Francis:


1) I'm not a Sedevacantist (nor "Benevacantist"), but I certainly hold sympathies for those positions.  I think asking the questions as to if Francis is a 'legit' Pope are not 'crazy' 'dangerous' or entirely 'unfounded.'  They deserve legitimate answers and that people not act like they are 'unclean lepers' that should never be touched.  The issue is Sedevacantists can often be rather uncharitable themselves when engaging with "Novus Ordo" folks, and often treat them like 'unclean lepers' in return. 


2) Until further notice, I think Pope Francis is a "punishment Pope" ; honestly I just ignore practically everything he says (sad to say) and look to the collective Tradition as a primary guide, along with higher clergy such as: Bishop Schneider, Archbishop Vigano, my local Latin Mass priest, etc..  I don't have any other grand insights other than that.  Are there doubts about Francis? is he an anti-pope? a heretic? if so a manifest one? not technically a heretic so he must still be recognized? how does one determine this? can we realistically do anything about it?  Not sure, but these are all valid questions to ask in my eyes and I don't have any great answers other than what I previously mentioned and appeals for divine intervention!


3) I've heard a lot of things about the 2nd Vatican Council and probably fall somewhere in the middle: A) That there are elements that are not 'binding' on Catholics. B) That there was some form of malignant spirit at its roots, and that seems to have the majority of influence in its interpretation via "weaponized ambiguity." C) That there's definitely something wrong, be it in only spirit or also in letter, that's for people smarter than me to decide. I do know that ancient Councils – ones that are entirely accepted as 'kosher' to 'Trads' – often contain ambiguous language ; the difference is that they didn't lead to the types of abuses that Vatican II seems to, so maybe Satan changed his tactics a bit for the 'Modern' era. D) That it needs either redefining and/or clarification to purge of any ambiguities that lead to Masonic-esque mindsets, or just done away with altogether to mitigate the damage (the latter being an extreme situation and unlikely 'last resort' solution).


4) To me, the Novus Ordo Mass + Priests + Sacraments are absolutely valid, but the Mass and general culture is much more inclined towards the enabling of abuses (i.e. I would not be sad to see the N.O. Mass go away). I highly recommend the Latin Mass (or Eastern Catholicism) and would prefer not to go back to the Novus Ordo Mass if I can help it, but will not avoid it like it has some unclean or leprous 'taint' to it nor ever knock those who do go to one in some all-encompassing sense.

5) I'm not here to be an uncharitable Pharisee to those who may disagree with the above, but also hope that they who do disagree would give the same charity and respect in return.  It's a complicated issue that I think will only be resolved in time.


~ Michael Joseph

Stores & Publishing - Books, Audio, Multi-Media & Paraphernalia

The Catholic Company : This site has a number of books and multi-media, but also items like Rosaries, incense and other various home goods.

Fidelity Press : This is E. Michael Jones' book publishing company. Get all his books here, as has recently been banned from Amazon. There's few other authors / works available such as David Wemhoff's book on John Courtney Murray and Americanism.

Ignatius Press : YouTube Channel – A good site for Catholic books and multi-media. Their YouTube channel has some interview content related to their books, amongst other things.

Mediatrix Press : This company is owned by Ryan grant, who does extensive work translating the works of St. Robert Bellarmine SJ: an important Catholic Saint living during the Protestant revolt and a key Counter-Reformation figure. There are a number of works besides Bellarmine available, and all are printed using high quality standards. Mr. Grant also has extensive knowledge of Church history and often appears on many of the programs listed below on this page.

TAN Books : This site has a number of Catholic books and a variety of other products such as Mp3 audio, online courses, calendars, etc.

Here's an example of a course I enjoyed by Professor Anthony Esolen, his Dante's Divine Comedy series

Media - News Reporting, Current Events & Interviews

Catholic Family News YouTube Channel – A solid group of Catholics fighting against Modernism in the Church, which include: Matt Gaspers, Christopher Ferrara, Roberto de Mattei, etc.


Church Militant YouTube Channel – This Catholic news agency is run by the fiery Michael Voris. He is very direct, and doesn't mince words, probably why most people either love him or loathe him. He has some excellent information on Catholic teaching, exposés on Freemasonry, etc. and is good at getting right to the point and keeping the reporting in short and accessible segments. Similar to Coffin, he (and those at CM) are also very bitter on the SSPX; this is unfortunate in my opinion; but also, like Coffin, it's not something that dominates his content (generally speaking).


If there is any sort of scandal in the Church, you can bet Church Militant will be reporting on it, and that they are not afraid to boldly call out any Modernist clergy or hierarchy. Whether you like Voris & co. or not, they are certainly true to their name and for the better in my opinion; despite, perhaps, being a bit too militant at times for my personal tastes.

Crisis Magazine : – A magazine for Catholic laity which has a variety of esteemed contributors.

The Patrick Coffin Show YouTube Channel – Coffin has a lot of good interviews and will have non-Catholics on, such as Jordan Peterson, for productive discussions without unnecessary confrontations on ideological differences. Unfortunately he's a bit sour on the SSPX, and unfairly so in my personal opinion, but it's not something that dominates his content. Mr. Coffin was also a former host at Catholic Answers.

EWTN YouTube Channel – This appears to be one of the few large-scale Catholic television and media networks left that has kept it's integrity intact. Fr. Mitch Pacqa SJ, one of its more prominent figures, appears to be one of those rare popular Jesuits who has kept the spirit of the Old World Jesuits, in contrast to the horrible Modernist ones such as James Martin. There is also the popular World Over newscast with Raymond Arroyo.

Life Site News YouTube Channel – This media outlet has a wide variety of content, but has a larger focus of coverage on Pro-Life news and stories. The founder, John-Henry Weston also has his own show.

One Peter Five YouTube Channel – The owner of this media outlet is Steve Skojec. He's got a good mix of humor and humility, but being upfront and honest about the controversial issues. He has a large number of writers and contributors on his site, and in my limited browsing of their articles they all appear to have quality writing and integrity.

Mr. Skojec has been attacked for allegedly "promoting" the SSPX, but in reality he was defending them against absurd accusations, while not overtly promoting them and giving clear caveats on attending masses with the order. For some reason SSPX seems to be a major 'trigger' point in Catholic circles, and I give Mr. Skojec kudos for handling the issues with class and in a balanced manner.

Dr. Taylor Marshall : YouTube Channel – Dr. Marshall gives a variety of content including: current events in both the Church and U.S. politics, theological material and interviews as the bulk of material on his show. He also wrote a popular book, Infiltration, documenting the plot to introduce Modernism (i.e. Freemasonry) into the Church. He is a good bridge to connect the exoteric and esoteric Catholic world without going to either extreme. I also appreciate that he doesn't diss the SSPX and even sympathies with them, but he is not lacking in understanding for those who criticize them either.

He is a former Protestant / Anglican minister. He might turn off some folks who are a bit adverse to being more 'bold' about the 'tough stuff' in Catholicism, he gives the teachings straight and is a very solid resource. "If you're not praying the Rosary every day you're not on the team."  (don't take it to heart if you aren't)

The Remnant Newspaper YouTube Channel – The owner, Michael Matt, has a long family tradition in Catholic media. He has sympathies, as do myself, with the SSPX and FSSP orders, which the Modernists despise. I found this news outlet to have a very well-balanced approach to their reporting.

Rules for Retrogrades YouTube Channel – The Gordon bros. are pretty straightforward about things, and like Mr. Voris, they are a bit 'fiery' and do not mince words; people tend to love them or loathe them. They do a lot of social commentary, interviews and news reporting. Their book, Rules for Retrogrades, is an inverted and Catholic version of Saul Alinsky's book for 'Radicals,' and is the underlying theme of their show.

While I don't exactly agree with Tim Gordon's basic premise on America as a Catholic Republic, it's very much a 'venial' issue for me, and I do understand where he is coming from in most cases. I also think that his positions can be a good bridge for those who might be a bit overly attached to the idea of the American Revolution as a morally justified rebellion. I.e. I personally can see a greater good with his views on the topic, despite my disagreements with them. Nonetheless, I respect his integrity, and willingness to put himself out there and 'get in the fight' so to speak.

Comprehensive - History, Social Teaching/Commentary, Catechesis, etc.

Ascension Presents : YouTube Channel – A site more focused on catechesis, evangelization, preparation for those becoming Catholic, the Sacraments, life challenges, Bible study, etc. This is a bit more geared towards the every day life of a Catholic, and upon first appearances can have a Novus Ordo 'Church of nice' vibe ; but it isn't going to teach nor allow Modernist viewpoints and will adhere to the 'tough-stuff' in Catholic teaching; though they will teach it in a more pleasant way; which kind of reminds me of this scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Though that's not really my style, I appreciate Ascension Presents nonetheless. Their approach is excellent for people who have grown up in a very liberalized America that doesn't want to 'offend' anyone; which is likely the best bridge to Catholicism for that type of culture; as well as Protestants who have a more Charismatic background. Despite this approach not being my personal cup-o-tea, there is still a lot of practical wisdom I have enjoyed coming from one its more prominent figures in Fr. Mike Schmitz. 

Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Media : YouTube Channel – A fairly unknown channel (unfortunately) that has some very excellent lectures and information by the duo of Dr. Cheryl White and Fr. Peter Mangum. Here are a few lectures that I personally found to be excellent:  The Church, Catholic & Apostolic: The First 1,500 Years –– Catholic Retrospective: Luther's 95 Theses and Church Teaching on Indulgences

Fish Eaters : An extremely comprehensive resource site for traditional Catholicism with an active forum. Massive amounts of useful and interesting content.

Holy Faith Media : YouTube Channel – They have several YouTube channels that called by this name, but number 1, 2, 3 etc. They have a variety of content and podcasts. There are often videos by Dr. Robert Sungenis who discusses many topics, mostly apologetics and cosmology, and was a guest on the P2BP podcast when we discussed Geocentrism and The Principle film.

Meaning of Catholic : YouTube Channel – An apostolate run by a Mr. Timothy Flanders, who discusses a wide variety of topics – including controversial ones – in a direct, yet balanced and charitable manner. He also has some re-occurring guests such as Kennedy Hall that bring a lot of interesting content to the table. This is one of my favorite channels and is highly recommended. Some of my favorite discussions are the segments on Catholic Social History, Americanism, and chats with guests: E. Michael Jones, Charles Coulombe, Michael Lofton, Dr. Edmund Mazza, Luis Medina, Erick Ybarra, etc.

On a personal note, I will be doing audiobook narration for Tim's book, Introduction to the Holy Bible for Traditional Catholics: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading the Scriptures for Spiritual Profit. It should be available just in time for Christmas.

Off the Menu : YouTube Channel – The eccentric Catholic historian & monarchist Charles Coulombe teams up with Tumblar House overlord Vincent Frankini for their Off the Menu discussions which include an eclectic variety of topics ranging from history, to politics, to monarchism, to theology, to apologetics to The Amazing Criswell. You'll leave with almost all questions answered, save for: has Charles been drinking? and just how does Mr. Frankini live with himself being a tyrannical despot barking orders at his underpaid, lowly minions from up on high in his Tumblar House tower?

Sensus Fidelium : YouTube Channel – A solid group that gives a wide variety of content including: apologetics, sermons by clergy (past and contemporary) and Saints of the Church, Scripture and catechesis, spiritual meditations, books, etc. The owner, Steve Cunningham, has some excellent guests on his podcast show such as Charles Coulombe, Ryan Grant, Michael Greaney, etc.


They also appear to be closely associated with (former?) FSSP priest and exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger who gives excellent insights into the metaphysical world of angels and demons from the traditional Catholic viewpoint. He is one of my favorite priests to listen to, and I highly recommend his lectures; I have many listed in the Playlists section on this page.

Teaching & Apologetics - Answering Objections, Evangelization, Theology, Exegesis, etc.


**NOTE** – I'd categorize Catholic Answers, Trent Horn, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Brant Pitre, Brian Holdsworth and Matt Fradd as being of a similar clique (non-perjorative use of the word) ; insomuch as they aren't going to get very conspiratorial and talk about things like Freemasonic infiltration or Jewish power. That is perfectly ok by me with one stipulation: that those who aren't discussing such 'sensitive' issues don't make a crusade (for lack of a better term) of bashing those who are talking about such things. I have not noticed any of these figures making overtly uncharitable statements against the E. Michael Jones' of the world. Perhaps there have been a few jabs taken that I'm not aware of, and that's fine, even to be expected, considering their audience and niche. As long as they aren't making a priority of consistently launching haymaker-hooks upon those discussing, in a balanced manner, Freemasonic or "Judaizing" influences and infiltration, then I'll continue to have respect for the men within these circles; even if I'm not likely to fit in so well with them myself.

Catholic Answers : YouTube Channel  A wide-reaching group of effective and charitable (especially towards Protestants) Catholic apologetics, including prominent apologists Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, etc.

Council of Trent (Horn) : YouTube Channel – Trent Horn is a Catholic apologist, who's main focus appears to be in dealing with Protestant and Atheist (or "Scientism") objections. He is very knowledgable and charitable in his approach, apologetics and discussions––something I always respect.

The Fatima Center : YouTube Channel – A site dedicated to spreading the message of Our Lady of Fatima, and all things related. Christopher Ferrara and Kennedy Hall are important contributors I'd recommend, amongst many others.

Matt Fradd : YouTube Channel – Pints with Aquinas –  Matt Fradd is a rather jovial Australian fellow, who enjoys a good bee-ah, hence the title of his show Pints with Aquinas.  Good, upbeat, entertaining but also sincere conversations (amongst other things) are to be found on his channel / podcast.

Dr. Scott Hahn – Dr. Hahn helped put together the excellent Ignatius Catholic Study Bible series, which is a foundation for our Day of Rest series here on RS Esoterica. He's an convert from Protestantism, an advocate of the Traditional Latin Mass and has praised some of the leaders in the Church opposing the Francis regime shenanigans…'nuff said.

Brian Holdsworth : YouTube Channel – I don't watch much of Mr. Holdsworth's content, but what I've seen he has a lot of good practical wisdom observations and insights. He is a good resource for those who prefer videos to be 10min or less, so I figured I would include his channel.

Dr. Brant Pitre  Dr. Pitre has excellent lectures on a variety of Catholic topics. He gives really strong arguments and explanations for the more disputed Roman Catholic dogmas such as Papal Authority, the Rosary and Marian devotions/dogmas, Purgatory, devotions/prayers to Saints, Biblical basis for the Sacraments, etc. He also has excellent lectures on the Catholic version of the End Times, along with the historicity of Christ, the Church, the New Testament Gospels, etc. There's many others, including an in-depth study of the theology of the Apostle Paul. He's a very good resource to give to Protestants, as he's charitable, understands their views very well, and his southern hospitality vibe wouldn't hurt either.


All of these can be found at his store here @ Catholic Productions. I'd recommend getting the single lectures to start, such as the Jewish Roots of Mary // The Papacy // Purgatory ; each of these is about $6 for the Mp3 download. I was also able to make use of coupon codes and holiday sales when I ordered the more expensive sets such as The Apostle Paul: Unlocking the Mysteries of His Theology and The Seven Mysteries of Jesus: The Biblical Roots of the Sacraments.

Reason & Theology : YouTube Channel – My absolute favorite channel for discussions on theology. If you want to understand the issues surrounding Papal Infallibility, Eastern vs. Western Churches, SSPX status, Vatican I & II, what encompasses an ex cathedra statement, dogmas vs. recommended beliefs of the Church, etc. this is the place for you. More importantly, this channel is always engaging in respectful and charitable discussions and debates with Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Muslim and even Atheist viewpoints.

The duo of Mr. Lofton and his frequent co-host Erick Ybarra are a powerhouse for Roman Catholic apologetics. There are also a number of enjoyable re-occurring Roman Catholic co-hosts/contributors such as William Albrecht (who is also very knowledgable) and Elijah Yasi, amongst others. These guys do Ecumenism right.

Allan Ruhl : YouTube Channel – Mr. Ruhl's podcast combines Catholic apologetics, which seems to often focus on Islamic issues, and interview discussions with a variety of Roman Catholics. Good discussions and he is very knowledgable.

Dr. Robert Sungenis : Galileo Was Wrong Website  We've already mentioned Dr. Sungenis as part of the Holy Faith Media outlet and previous P2BP guest. He does a lot of apologetics, debates, and lectures on the Catholic Church and Geocentrism. He's also written an extensive and excellent review of Dr. E. Michael Jones' Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

Controversial and/or Conspiratorial 


**NOTE** – There's a few other controversial figures or channels that I've gotten useful information from over the years, but they are Sedevacantist channels, which, aside from technical issues, tend to be rather uncharitable towards many of the figures on this page. I don't have some innate hostility against them – they do make a lot of valid points – but overall I cannot get on board with their views, and they can be rather bitter or over-zealous at times. Some examples would be the Dimond Bros. @, or the Novus Ordo Watch website. While I can't in good conscience promote their channels or sites, I do have understanding and sympathy for their struggles in dealing with the more ugly fruits of Vatican II, and still have a certain respect for them when most others wouldn't. I think Mr. Charles Coulmbe's sentiments on Sedevacantism more or less sum up my own views on the topic.

Brother Augustine : Michael Witcoff is the lone Eastern Orthodox on this list, partially because he doesn't have some engrained enmity towards Roman Catholicism despite his disagreements with it, and is respectful. But mostly because has a lot of interesting insights into his personal spiritual journey. He has an fairly wild story, coming from a Jewish upbringing, getting into to ritual sex-magic practices and Freemasonry, then to Protestantism, then to Orthodoxy. He also wrote a book exposing Freemasonry which appears to be rather popular. 

Bishop Williamson : Probably the most intriguing and controversial figure on this list, he is a (former?) SSPX priest and alleged anti-Semite-Holocaust-denier. You can decide for yourself, but he certainly has some very interesting things to say. See his 1996 Doctrinal Sessions if possible. I'll have a link for videos in the Playlist section of this page, but, with a figure like Fr. Williamson, there's a good chance they won't last too long on YouTube.


If you come across information on Bishop Williamson, be sure to proceed with caution, as he is often mis-represented via straw-man arguments in order to attack and slander him. As far as I know, he is not a Sedevacantist, and has refuted this position despite perhaps having some sympathies with them? I could be wrong, or this could have been a viewpoint that has now since changed, or is subject to change. I'm not saying there aren't legitimate issues to be had with his actions over the years – perhaps there are – though I'm not an expert on them. I just think he has a lot of useful information in regards to the Church and its enemies. Regardless, Bishop Williamson, both his benefit and detriment, has cojones of steel; yet he is extremely polite and well-mannered at the same time.


Culture Wars : This is E. Michael Jones' magazine. He talks about Jewish power like it ain't no thang, and the ADL hates him for it––including many easily 'triggered' Catholics. The Alt-Right hate him because he's not a racialist (ironic considering he's called a Nazi by many 'haters'), and Sedevacantist's and other more fringe Catholics accuse him of being an Opus Dei agent (or whatever else) because he defends Vatican II in doctrine not 'spirit.' There's more to be said on Dr. Jones in the Bibliography section of the RS Esoterica website.

Reconquest w/Brother André Marie : A podcast show hosted by Brother André. I'm not exactly sure how to classify his show, but let's just say it has some good guests and discussions and not afraid to touch upon controversial topics such as Zionism. There's some angst about the legitimacy of his order in N.H. but it's not something I personally worry about.

What Catholics Believe : YouTube As far as I know, this group, created by members of the Society of St. Pius V, is not overtly Sedevacantist but hold general sympathies or openness to it? I'm not going to spend all my time trying to figure out if they are officially Sedevacantist or not.  Here is a video where their prominent priest Father William Jenkins explains his views on it. Regardless, I think he's got some interesting things to say, appears to be quite respectful of others whom he disagrees with, and I respect his opinions and insights that I've seen thus far.  As with anything, use caution and discernment.

Videos & Playlists for Various Topics

Here are a number of YouTube playlists for various lectures, interviews and discussions I've found useful and interesting. I'm sure some videos will be taken down as time goes by, so my apologies if there are any missing.

Catholic Demonology & Exorcism : A variety of content on exorcisms from the Catholic standpoint. There's a number of lectures from Fr. Ripperger (one of my favorites) and other exorcists giving the Church's teachings on the matter, along with their own personal experiences. There's also other interesting laity discussions, such as Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon's dissection of the dialogue tapes of Anneliese Michel in Bavaria (basis of the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose), etc.

The Catholic Church vs. Socialism - Michael Greaney : This is a currently on-going series where Mr. Greaney has in-depth discussions about the Catholic Church's battles against the developments of Communism & Socialism. It mostly focuses on the 19th century, and its battles for the defining of words within the Church. Much of this will be relevant to what we've been over in the Pike Templars series, especially in the latter parts where we dealt with propaganda against the Church, Jesuits, and the Ultramontanes.  These discussions are much more advanced, and admittedly I have some trouble following myself at times, but they are excellent nonetheless.

Charles Coulombe - Catholic Theology on Tap: Dirty Laundry Lectures, Etc. : "Sir" Charles gives a number of lectures on history and the "Dirty Laundry" of the Catholic Church. This will help clear up many misconceptions about 'sensitive topics' such as the Crusades, "Dark Ages, bad Popes, the Spanish Inquisition and Black Legend, etc. There are also interesting lectures on exorcism, English Catholicism, etc.

Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic BEEF : The playlist title is more in jest. I believe in working towards a reunion of East and West, not further division. That being said, there are some things both sides of the Christendom coin will need to deal with to make any sort of real progress. I actually seriously considered Eastern Orthodoxy for a period of time before I came back to Roman Catholicism. I was highly influenced by the likes of Jay Dyer, at a time when he wasn't' quite so cranky in his polemics against Rome. Today is a much different story, and I pray that he can see how his enmity in this regard is only to his detriment.


There's a bit of BEEF with the Sedevacantist Peter Dimond and Jay Dyer. I have reluctantly included some videos from Dimond dealing with Orthodoxy and Dyer. If you can slice out the hostilities and polemical nature of them, along with his lack of ability to understand Dyer's humor at times, there is some useful information in these videos despite some errors and frustrations with his more zealous approach to critiques of Orthodoxy or the post-Vatican II Church.

I'm grateful for Eastern Orthodox brethren such as my friend James Perloff, and I'd much prefer to be in fellowship than in an adversarial state on this matter. I also appreciate Eastern Orthodox members such as Brother Augustine who is on the list above. Honestly, I feel the same about Protestantism, but there's far more fundamental issues there which cause far more frustration on the whole, and surface far more frequently. I'd include more Orthodox folks the list, but 99% are often on the Reason & Theology show, so I'd suggest familiarizing yourself with some of them via Lofton's show if you want to know more about them.

My basic view is there are criticisms against Rome that are valid, and those should be focused on on either side of the argument. However, there are far more criticisms against Rome that are at best, ignoring a log in their own eye, and at worst, utterly ridiculous and even farcical in ways that rival a Jack Chick comic tract for their 'cringe' factor. Even worse, they tend to often be accusations that have been repeated for hundreds of years ad nauseam. Conceding that Martin Luther was a horrible disaster for Christianity – despite any valid criticisms his might have had (Karl Marx had some decent criticisms too ya know) – would be a great stride in fomenting real progress in "Ecumenical dialogue."

Ryan Grant - Catholic Lectures & Interviews : Ryan Grant, the owner of Mediatrix Press, has a wealth of knowledge on many Catholic topics of discussion such as: St. Robert Bellarmine, the Renaissance, the Protestant Revolt, the Counter-Reformation, and a number of others relating to Church history.

Fr. John A. Hardon SJ, Lectures : One of the more rare 20th century Jesuits who acted and taught like Jesuits of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. This is a playlist from another YouTube channel that has Fr. Hardon discussing a variety of topics. He has an enormous amount of content, so the chances are if you're interested in a topic, and type in a web search for that topic, along with "Fr. John Hardon," there's likely something to result involving him giving discourse on it.

Miscellaneous Catholic Content : Evolution, Cosmology, Modernism, History, Social Teaching & Economics,  SSPX, etc. : Tons of various interviews, lectures and discussions on a wide variety of different topics related to Catholicism.

Fr. Ripperger Teachings : A number of lectures and sermons by Fr. Ripperger on topics such as the Seven Deadly Sins and the Virtues to counteract them, the problems of effeminacy in our society, etc. His exorcism and spiritual warfare content are also on the Catholic Demonology playlist.

Vatican II : WTF Happened? & Other Michael Davies Lectures : Deceased Catholic apologist of the 20th century gives various lectures on topics such as: Vatican II, Modernism, the French Revolution, Protestant revolts in England, etc.

A Student's Prayer : St. Thomas Aquinas - Creator of all things, true source of Light and Wisdom, lofty source of all Being, graciously let a ray of Your Brilliance penetrate into the darkness of my understanding and take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, sin and ignorance.  Give me a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.  Grand me the talent of being exact in my explanations, and the ability to epress myself with thoroughness and charm.  Point out the beginning, direct the progress, help in the completion. THROUGH CHRIST, OUR LORD, Amen.