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Information & details of what's included in each research & lecture series.


*WARNING* In most Initiate series, on the whole, my vice of profanity is much more present (depending on how 'ranty' I felt during any given episode). The Adept content is much more toned down and any curse words are much more rare and usually less extreme. I've gotten better about it as time has gone on. 2021 content & beyond is clean. I've added the following labels: Warning in red for harsher (R-rated)  Warning in yellow for lesser (PG-13)

Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequitiam et insídias diabólica estou præsídium.  Ímperet ílio Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps militiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde.  Ámen.

Initiate Series

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Occult Science: The Hidden Deity of the Cosmos (R-rated)

A journey into just how much esoteric Freemasonry, Theosophy and general Occultism impacts us in society today. We explore the foundations of modern science as related to the more Occult aspects of its Founding Fathers such as Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, leading all the way up to more contemporary figureheads such as Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. We also go into esoteric detail on the Apollo missions and 1960's transmutation of society, along with many of the Mystery Religion teachings that directly relate to and parallel mainstream academia's promotion of Darwinism, evolution, the Big Bang cosmology, atomic structures, biology, CERN, etc. This all culminates in our examination of the Transhumanist movement, and bizarre undertakings like the Dalai Lama-endorsed 2045 Avatar project. It's a wild ride for sure.

Occult Catholicism: The Old vs. New World Order (R-rated)

A complimentary series to the above. We do our best to summarize 2,000 year of Western Civilization history and its relationship to the Catholic Church and the myriad of forces in opposition to it. This includes its battles against: Judaism, Protestantism, Freemasonry, Islamic forces, and of course all the infiltrations by those forces and the various dialectics that form amongst themselves, but always so very oddly synthesized on their hatred and propaganda against the so-called "1,000 years of the Dark Ages," where Christ and His Church were King, along with the Counter-Reformation forces involving Spain, the Habsburgs and Jesuits, Bourbon France, and Papal "tyranny." Whatever you think about the Church in the end, it must be admitted that reactions to its power have induced millions to break the 9th Commandment countless numbers of times, all while projecting the very things they are doing themselves onto it; despite of any valid criticisms there are to be found.

Rockefeller Atlas vs. Catholic Church Sm

JFK Assassination: Occult Rituals & Alchemy (R-rated)

Here we go into the Scorpionic depths of the 8th House of Kennedy secrets. But this isn't your overly-dramatic history channel version of Kennedy conspiracies; here we reveal the incredible parallels and synchronizations of Freemasonry, Theosophy, Occult-Hermetic Alchemy & Jewish Kabbalah that are deeply embedded into the JFK assassination and leading all the way up to the Apollo 11 event, which includes: Dealey Plaza / Dallas as a fertile ritual ground for Masonic and Kabalistic rituals, invocations of ancient Heathen deities (such as Pan) via ritual magick akin to Crowley / the Golden Dawn, and much more. This all relates to Occult Catholicism: the idea of transmuting Catholic Christendom's King into the Osiris "King" of the Mysteries for salvation via man's Promethean technology; instead of through Christ and His Church. Deus vult!

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New World Order Astrological Forecast for 2018 (R-rated)
Released in 2018, there are some eery musings in this series on the potential of a massive New World Order event occurring in early 2020 (these musings continued in the last part of Occult Catholicism where astrology was discussed). This is related to Saturn's 9.11 opposition with Pluto reaching its conjunction around mid-January 2020. Low and behold, the seeds of a worldwide "new 9.11" began to take root; as it would seem, right on cue. The question then becomes, why? That's for another time, but here we discuss astrological concepts and theories that relate directly to the 1776 founding of American Independence, the Twin Towers official opening and closing (1973-2001), 2008 mayhem, 2012 New Ager speculations, Obama, Trump, and Aleister Crowley's Aeon of Horus; which has all since culminated with the current Covid-1984 global lockdown.

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Day of Rest: Catholic Teaching & Commentary (PG-13 to PG)

This is an on-going series to help those interested in Catholicism get a more Alt-Media, conspiracy or esoteric lens of teaching, while still drawing from the well of approved catechesis sources. I.e. those who have gone deeper into NWO shenanigans and social engineerings might not 'vibe' with the more standard explanations and analogies of Church teachings and exegesis ; thus this series may be able to be much more relatable to those who need such applications to in-depth NWO musings. Despite this, the approach is still Gospel and Scripture centered, and leaves all the Alt-Media paranoia (and baggage that goes with it) at the door. On average we go through two chapters per session, and the ordering is as such: 1) Primary is the Scriptures. 2) Secondary as the interpretation that goes with them. 3) Tertiary are my own personal observations and insights that you can take with a grain of salt; i.e. it ain't dogma…but it's based on it.

An Occult Guide to Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology (R-rated)

The theme of salvation via Promethean technology has been a large part of the older Schism206 research series, and this one is no different. We explore all of the strange Occult, Masonic, Hermetic and Gnostic symbolism to be found in so many of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency tech companies, organizations and event gatherings, including Bitcoin and Steemit. There are also other interesting underlying connections that stem deep into the annals of Western/European history, particularly in regards to the Knights Templar, the Vatican, Malta, and even the British royal family. This series can only speculate as to the "why," but the newer Occult Catholicism series can likely offer some more coherent answers. This series is also not making any claims that Blockchain or Cryptocurrency is 'bad' in and of itself ; just giving some red flags to consider, and obviously should be avoiding when attached to usurious practices.

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1) DoR Series - Thumbnail La Sainte Chap

Apocalyptic Elections: Our Lady of Fatima & Trumpets (PG)

The NWO abyss has decided to entirely unveil itself in an attempt to stop the Trumpster's re-election from happening. What does this have to do with Our Lady's promises at Fatima in 1917? We will do our best to figure that out as we take the "Fatima Pill" and see where it leads us; which is to say, hopefully towards a new Universal Christendom – both East and West – guided by Our Lady of the Apocalypse, whilst crushing that crafty Genesis Serpent of Old.

This is the final and most recent of the Schism206 channel content.

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Adept Series

The Catholic Alchemist: Transmuting Lead into Gold (PG-13)

This is a series to help those who might be more enamored with a New Age, "Gnostic," Occult or Pagan worldview (i.e. Freemasonry, Theosophy or even ritual Magick), but also find interest and validity in Christianity. Are they entirely incompatible? Or are there areas of overlap that have legitimacy from a Catholic perspective? If so, what types of bridges can be built to help bring someone out of those esoteric worldviews, but still allow for particular concepts, elements and ideas to be 'transmuted' into something that keeps to traditional Catholicism? Most of The Catholic Alchemist series is focused around astrology, and St. Thomas Aquinas & Albertus Magnus' viewpoints on it (amongst others). If you're coming from a more "New Age" background, but are willing to listen and entertain the Catholic worldview in regards to astrology, and any 'kosher' aspects of it, then this series is for you. Topics covered: Forbidden vs. acceptable astrology, angels & demons, elements, planets, signs, houses, angles, etc. Nothing in this series (in regards to astrology) is meant to be a substitute nor be put on equal footing with the Church sacraments; but rather using a unique way to engage in the self-reflection that relates to them; for those who are more inclined towards the esoteric.

Basilica of St. Denis - Zodiac - Wikicom

Templars, Jesuits & Baphomet - Albert Pike + Morals & Dogma (PG-13)

We begin by reading through the 30th degree of Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Freemasonry from Morals and Dogma, which admits a plot to infiltrate the Catholic Church with a Gnostic-Talmudic-Kabalistic esoteric Masonry, which was universally brought out into the exoteric world via the French Revolution event. From there we go into many different areas of history, and many different versions of it, including Protestant (both Anglo-American & Germanic), Masonic/Enlightenment (both right and left wing versions), Jewish, some Muslim, Orthodox, and even Alternative Media sources that strangely unify with NWO propaganda despite claiming to be against it. This includes: Napoleon, the Rothschild's rise, Protestant-Masonic alliances, Judaism, 19th century anti-Catholicism, and the Habsburg-Jesuit-Papal forces that fought against them. We also dive into the early 20th century and the rise of the Pan-German Kulturkampf vs. the Christian Social Party, that turned into Nazi hegemony over Central & Eastern Europe. We focus heavily on a myriad of dialectics that oppose each other on pillars of polarity, but secretly unify in fundamental ways to engage in both exoteric and esoteric warfare against the 'Old World' Counter-Reformation forces previously mentioned.

Augustin Barruel's Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism
Part I The Antichristian Conspiracy (PG-13)
Part II The Antimonarchical Conspiracy (PG)

An in-depth analysis of the Jesuit Abbé Augustin Barruel's Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism. This is one of the most important works available to those in the Alt-Media circles who believe that there's something gravely wrong with our current state of Western Civilization.  However, what is revealed by the Abbé exposes much of the false rhetoric so prominent in the 'truther' world of conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and especially regarding so called 'Jesuit Masonry' and conspiracy theories surrounding the rather erroneous liking of the Jesuits and Freemasonry or the Illuminati themselves; these were diametrically opposing forces, save for the Jesuits of today who have since fallen from grace sometime during the 20th century.

If you consider yourself a 'truth-seeker' then this work is a must read to understand how the French Revolution was not some organic event and justified uprising against a tyrannical-absolutist Catholic-Bourbon regime––despite any flaws it might have had––but rather a complete upheaval of Catholic society by means of a return to Pagan philosophy; inspired by Julian the Apostate and Mithras cults; via Enlightenment philosophs such as Voltaire and Rousseau; combined with Freemasonic / Bavarian Illuminati doctrines playing by "the ends justify the means" rules to install a New World Order; and under the universal decree of "liberty, equality, fraternity" at the expense of European Christendom.

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