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Voice acting & singing.

Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequitiam et insídias diabólica estou præsídium.  Ímperet ílio Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps militiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde.  Ámen.

Summary of Series

Sometime in 2017 the producer & creator of this series, Mike Evans, reached out to me about my YouTube content. Over the course of several emails back and forth, we soon found that we had an appreciation for similar types of music, along with our own trials & tribulations from being in 'the band scene' over the years.  


I really liked his music from MiXE1 (favorite tune being We’ve Changed), which reminded me of a mix of Smashing Pumpkins, Stabbing Westward, Deftones, etc. He also had several animation projects that I thought were pretty cool. Then, oddly enough, Mike thought it might be fun to offer me a voice acting opportunity in his Spark Ball series. Hmm, sure… why not?

But, I had never done voice acting before; though certainly had done plenty of voice over for Schism206 content; along with having a musical background to know enough about recording audio. I was also attempting to sing vocals on an older album (from previous band) that never was completed. Though I was certainly not at the level I needed to be for the album (something I’m still ever-slowly inching towards at the current moment), I had developed enough ability to figure out basic character voices with relative ease. So voilà ! the first voice acting opportunity appeared for the Police Chief in Spark Ball episode #4.  Mike & co. liked it enough to ask me back, so I also made an appearance as Manglehorn in the next and final Spark Ball episode #5.  


Everyone had been pleased enough with my performances in Spark Ball that I got grandfathered into the X-RL7 series. This time, Mike upped the ante by asking me to do the voice of one of frontmen in the story line, Jared, with one catch: that his band would need to have a song… or 4. This gave me a unique opportunity to see where my vocals were at, so I said I’d give it a shot and see what happened. If I sucked, then Mike could sing it instead, so at least there wasn’t much pressure. Low and behold, the vocals were decent enough, and that became the Cyanide Six ‘hit single’ Outta Control. The rest is fictional Rock n’ Roll history.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 9.41.59 PM.png

Somewhere during all this I slowly came back to Roman Catholicism. While these days, I can’t exactly condone Jared’s ‘lifestyle,’ maybe, just maybe he’ll learn his lesson by the end of the serie: that the stereotypical Rock n’ Roll life isn’t all it appears to be, with darker agendas lurking beneath the surface. Perhaps you can have your cake and eat a few small bites of it too. Provided those bites aren't tainted by lusts for glory and fame––for all the wrong reasons––and the behaviors that often accompany it. Nonetheless, there are certain lessons you can extract from many of the characters in X-RL7, in a ‘read between the lines’ kind of way. I’m sure we can all be supportive of Omega’s utter scorn for hypocritical and self-righteous SJW’s, Jared’s distaste for transhumanist utopian dreams, and Alfie’s minor redemption after hitting rock-bottom whilst drunkenly running from the police, butt-naked down the streets of a dystopian futurist society that has gone completely Outta Control…like a shooting star, on a collision course… (yeah yeah, we've all heard the song).

And finally, I can thank Mike for motivating me to work on my voice; at a time where I had essentially given up any and all ambitions involving music or artistic endeavors; and was rather disillusioned / depressed about it––along with the state of the world. Without the practice and experience I received during these projects, I'd probably not be in the position I am now to have a voice acting career opportunity creating audiobooks for folks like James Perloff, or spreading Roman Catholicism via Mediatrix Press, or other the number of other Catholic authors I am working with. Pardon the redundant cliché, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Episodes I am Featured In

Ep. 2 - Voice of Trey, the 'douchey bartender.'

Ep. 3 - Voice and singing of Jared Nova.

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Outta Control - Don't do what Alfie wilt.