Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequitiam et insídias diabólica estou præsídium.  Ímperet ílio Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps militiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde.  Ámen.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The website has been undergoing an overhaul over the last month, along with an overhaul for my life, including a new job.  Unfortunately this means production on The Catholic Alchemist, Memoirs and the Podcast have taken a hit for the moment. Once the update is over, which includes the newly available Initiate plan & content, production will be less sporadic. Sorry for the inconvenience for any members awaiting content. Hopefully all this will be in order by October 12th, and thank you for your patience. Read this Forum Post for more info.

Latest Completed Series

The Templars, Jesuits & Baphomet series –  Part I is finished, with 80+ videos going in depth on the Occult Freemasonry vs. the Catholic Church in European history, etc.

• Abbé Barruel's Memoirs of Jacobinism series – Part I, on the Antichristian Conspiracy has finished.  

Reoccurring Content

• The Day of Rest : Sunday study of Catholic teaching. Most recent upload: 3.7 - Luke - Chapter 12 & 13.

• The Catholic Alchemist study on 'transmuting' Occult teachings to Catholic ones. Most recent upload: 5.2 - Gemini.

• P2BP Podcast has been reloaded. Most recent: Episode 34, Nazism & Zionism: Unifying the Opposites.

*NOTE: Some elements are not complete and still under construction, but should be functional in the very near future.

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